Fifty-Two Fascinating Things You Could Have Missed In The Old Testament

Through the years you might have read or learned about the fascinating lives of some individuals in the Old Testament. Who has not heard of Adam, Noah, David or Solomon? You could tell me something you know about each of these people. Noah built the ark, David killed Goliath and so forth. The focus of this book however, is on the ones you may not know. The ones you could have missed but are fascinating nevertheless. There’s a chance you are familiar with a few, but there will surely be some you have not read yet. Actually there will be some that make you open your Bible because you cannot believe you missed it! But it will only build your faith and make you admire the Bible heroes more. And yes, you will be fascinated.

Book Features:

  • 52 Fascinating things
  • 75+ Bible references
  • 15 different eras in history
  • Accompanied by Images and illustrations
  • Easy to understand

Read about:

Noah’s Ark, When The Earth Split, The Sea Dragons, Joseph’s Sisters, The Pharaohs Of Exodus, The Giant King, Samson’s Bloodless Battle, Goliath’s Relatives, The Other Giant David Faced, Solomon’s Greatness, The Queen Of Sheba, Nebuchadnezzar’s Towering Statue, The Ancient City Of Nineveh, Where Jonah Was Swallowed And Many More, Those Are Just 14, And There Are 52.

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