Riley Clemmons

Mitchell Solarek, Riley Clemmons’ manager, “discovered” Riley Clemmons at a Nashville school pageant. When she was 13 years old, she started creating songs and performing live around her area. She spent numerous years honing her musical skills, taking dance and singing training for ten years and eight years, respectively.

On December 8, 2017, Clemmons made “Broken Prayers” the title of her first single with Capitol CMG. On the same day, a music video was made available. She explained the inspiration behind the song: “The song ‘Broken Prayers’ came honestly from a place of brokenness and that feeling of wanting to get yourself together and deliver the best most picture-perfect version of yourself at your roughest time. And not only does God take you there but He delights in it [your acknowledgement of brokenness/weakness]. And He genuinely loves you in that place.”

Since then, Riley has come up with similar inspirational songs like Fighting For Me, Keep Hoping, Over And Over to mention a few.

Website: RileyClemmons