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Out of Scripture

Thirty Bible Verses On Love: What It Means To Love

If you asked a group of people what love is, you would probably get as many answers as the people you asked. Love means different things to us depending on how and where we were brought up. That said, we...
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Out of Scripture

Encouraging Scriptures On Faith

Looking for some faith-building Bible verses? You are at the right place. Below are 50 Bible verses on faith accompanied by brief notes. It is a devotional on faith, if you like. I am hopeful that after you have read,...
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Christian Music - Anytime, Anywhere

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If there’s a story in the Bible that illustrates how God can work through challenging circumstances, and life’s most painful experiences to beautifully fulfill a dream or vision, then it has to be the story of Joseph. The young man, only seventeen, starts out being sold as a slave and ends up second-in-command of all ancient Egypt.

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The Psalms have always been looked at as a good source of encouragement. Most of them are from David and about his own life. God delivered him from several difficult and sometimes life-threatening situations. We can look to them as a demonstration of God’s faithfulness and have hope in our own challenges. 

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