Christmas In Bethlehem (Read An Excerpt)

The Christmas Story is timeless. Every December there are plays staged, musical extravaganzas, films shown and yes books published about the nativity of Christ. It is indeed a story worth retelling because of its ecclesiastical significance and the fact that it changed the course of history.EbookThe Books of Luke and Mathew provide great narratives of this ancient event but because they are separate, we may not get a unified sense of what happened. In this book, I draw from these accounts and put the information they give us together. Added to that, I include details derived from further research, an analysis of the two Gospels and information from relevant parts of Scripture. The result is a combined narrative that remains consistent with the original accounts but gives a fresh perspective. When you read this book, you will get a renewed appreciation of the Christmas story and I am sure it will bless you.

Christmas In Bethlehem Excerpt

Something extraordinary had indeed happened at Jerusalem, and Zechariah was yet to get the experience out of his thoughts.

While he was at the temple serving among the priests, assisting in receiving the offerings, the lots were cast and he was chosen to burn incense. This meant that he would assume the position of Aaron, the first ordained priest of God. It gave him an opportunity to make a personal petition and his prayer would be granted. At that same hour, the people outside the temple would also pray fervently making their own supplications to God.

Zechariah felt humbled that the Lord had chosen him and walked into the temple. Once he was in the inner precinct, he went past the lamp stand and stood at the altar covered with gold which was in front of a blue veil. The veil concealed the place called the holy of holies.

He put incense in the censer, placed it on the altar and added fire to it. As it burned in the quietness of the room, it gave off fragrance and the priest petitioned God for what he had always wanted: a son.

He closed his eyes and continued to pray. As he took in the sacredness of the moment, Zechariah noticed a significant change in the lighting of the room and this in spite of his eyes being closed. When he opened them, he saw what he would never have imagined. There was a formidable angel at the right side of the altar.

The priest froze in fear and felt his strength departing from him. The abrupt appearance of the angel was startling enough, but even more frightening was the countenance of this heavenly being.

Read more about Zechariah, Mary and Joseph, plus the the shepherds, the wise men and king Herod.

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