Old Testament Gems: Fascinating Things You Could Have Missed (Read An Excerpt)

Through the years you might have read or learned about the fascinating lives of some individuals in the Old Testament. Who has not heard of Adam, Noah, David or Solomon? You could tell me something you know about each of these people. Noah built the ark, David killed Goliath and so forth. The focus of this book however, is on the ones you may not know. The ones you could have missed but are fascinating nevertheless. There’s a chance you are familiar with a few, but there will surely be some you have not read yet. Actually there will be some that make you open your Bible because you cannot believe you missed it! But it will only build your faith and make you admire the Bible heroes more. And yes, you will be fascinated.

Here’s An Excerpt From The Book:

Every vessel used at the table of Solomon was made of gold and it was a grand table. Grand I say because many of the king’s family members, officials of high rank and important guests (who were frequent), sat at this table. To give a picture of how many ate with Solomon on a daily basis let us consider the provision. For one day it was 30 kors of fine flour, additional 50 kors of meal (1 kor was approximately 200kg), ten fatted oxen, twenty oxen from pastures, 100 sheep, several deer, gazelles and fatted fowls. Not to mention the wine (1 Kings 4:22). One beef bull can feed up to 800 people and Solomon required 30 every day alongside all the other provisions. He was a wealthy man and his riches were a blessing from God. What is interesting though, is that he did not even ask for it (1 Kings 3:13).

The Queen Of Sheba

Sitting on her throne one day, the queen of Sheba must have overheard one of her subjects talking about Solomon. “Tell me more about this man of great wisdom”, she could have said, in her native language. As the servant spoke, she eagerly listened but doubted many things he described. In ancient times there was no media or press whatsoever, news travelled by word of mouth. It was not uncommon for journeymen to exaggerate so as to hold captive their audience. So you can’t fault the queen for doubting her subjects.

The queen was a descendant of Cush, founder of ancient Ethiopia (Genesis 10:7). I believe she had already been in the habit of listening to all sorts of wise men and had a knack for asking the most profound questions about life. This queen was seeking the truth: trying to find the meaning of existence. She could not settle as she thought about what she would ask Solomon if she met him. Eventually she decided to make the long and dangerous journey to Israel with a huge entourage to accompany her. Her questions were prepared beforehand probably on papyrus sheet. She also put together a great consignment of the finest of spices alongside gifts of gold and precious stones.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue Of Gold

We’ve all seen rings of gold, necklaces and earrings of gold, even cups of gold but it is not that often you see a towering statue made of pure gold. Heaven knows what would happen to world markets if anyone ever found this statue during an archeological excavation. The molding of the golden image was actually inspired by a dream God gave to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon (Daniel 2). The statue stood 60 cubits about 78ft (24 meters) tall. Considering it must have been significant in breadth, one can only imagine how much it weighed. It was grand—but it was an idol, and God used it to demonstrate his power of deliverance (Daniel 3:14-18).

Read More About The Queen’s Visit Plus:

Noah’s Ark, When The Earth Split, The Sea Dragons, Joseph’s Sisters, The Pharaohs Of Exodus, The Giant King, Samson’s Bloodless Battle, Goliath’s Relatives, The Other Giant David Faced, Solomon’s Greatness, Nebuchadnezzar’s Towering Statue, The Ancient City Of Nineveh, And Many More, Those Are Just 12, And There Are 52.

Book Features:

  • 52 Fascinating things
  • 75+ Bible references
  • 15 different eras in history
  • Accompanied by Images
  • Easy to understand

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