Beautiful Reflections (Read An Excerpt)

The Psalms have always been looked at as a good source of encouragement. Most of them are from David and about his own life. God delivered him from several difficult and sometimes life-threatening situations. We can look to them as a demonstration of God’s faithfulness and have hope in our own challenges. This E-book will guide you through a reflection on 70 verses.

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As you read, I encourage you to think about what every verse means to your situation. I hope that what you find in the pages of the book will not only to encourage you, but also inspire you to spend more quiet time with God.

Beautiful Reflections Excerpt (2 of 70 verses)


The picture of the shepherd taking care of sheep is an image of Christ looking after his people. The shepherd finds pasture and water for the sheep, protects them from wild beasts and binds up their wounds when they get hurt. The shepherd is entirely responsible for the well-being of his sheep: at no time do they have to be concerned about what they may require.

From our perspective, the Lord will take care of our needs; both the spiritual and physical. The Lord will protect us from all evil, and he will comfort and heal us from our affliction. The important thing to note is that the sheep ‘trust’ their shepherd to take care of them and go wherever they are led.

Therefore, we must likewise put our trust in Christ our Shepherd even when we do not quite understand where he is leading us. In those times that the journey seems too long, when his timing feels delayed, when the result of our obedience is suffering and when we just cannot figure out his ways we need to simply trust.



The morning always follows the night. Even if the dark period of our lives seems to be lasting much longer than we expected, we must believe that our morning will come. The gloom will end and God will fill you with new joy. As much as we do not like these dark seasons, God uses them to make us grow but they are not meant to last. They are just meant to build our faith in him and teach us that we can rely on him.

Furthermore it is him preparing us to be able to minister to others. What we experience and learn in these hard times is what we shall use to encourage others.
Hold on, the morning will come.

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