How To Pray: What The Bible Says

NOTE: This is an in-depth post that will take you almost half an hour to read. If you do not have time now you can bookmark the page and read it later. It is fair to say that virtually all believers have at one point in their lives wondered about the best way to pray. … Read more

24 Bible Verses To Start Your Day

If you are looking to start your day well, you could do with some Bible verses. Here are twenty-four of them, I hope they encourage you. Share this with someone to get them going in the right direction. I. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. … Read more

How To Increase Your Faith in God

Most of us will admit that our faith is probably not where we would like it to be. Thankfully there are ways we can make it stronger. Here are some things you can do to build your faith. Read The Word You know some people ask for advice on how they should lose weight, but … Read more

Trusting God When Things Go Wrong

A few things before we go any further. I want to say that the pain, fear or confusion you are experiencing is not unique to you. Your situation is no surprise to God, and nothing is too difficult for Him. The hardest time to trust God is when everything seems to be going wrong. It … Read more