To Feed The Lamb Or The Wolf

Having taken a seat opposite the treasury, Jesus observed how the people were putting money into the treasury (Mark 12:41). This post is intended to inspire you to give wherever you’ve received significant spiritual benefit. We are not implying you give here. This is to build the spirit of giving to all ministries. Furthermore it … Read more

God’s Grace: Who You Really Are In Christ

Ever had the feeling you let God down? That your iniquity kept you miles from the person you want to be? Well if so you fell short of the glory of God. The Bible says we all have because God’s standard is nothing but perfect holiness. The truth is even if we lived well and … Read more

Genesis 37: Treasures From The Chapter

This chapter of Genesis introduces the account of the life of Jacob’s son Joseph. His story is significant because it illustrates how God works in individuals from the time He plants His purpose in their hearts up to the fulfillment of that purpose. For now though we will focus on Genesis 37 and see what … Read more