Five Things God Promised He Will Always Do For You

Woman_sunflowers The Bible is filled with many of God’s promises and to say the majority are amazing is an understatement. If we really thought about them and actually believed what they say, life would be fantastic. Today I want to focus on five and challenge you to decide that you will consider them reliable, genuine.

He will make all things work for your good

Life at times reminds me of something I saw on television years ago. There was a man driving on an icy and slippery road, he kept turning the wheel from left to right to keep his car going in the right direction but it seemed like it was not ‘listening’. The car often went in the opposite direction and when he tried to brake, it took so long to stop. He was obviously frustrated; he simply wanted to move on to his destination. Likewise, life has a way of taking us this way and that when we want to go straight forward. God anticipated this and the above promise deals with all the unpredictable aspects of life. Whatever God allows can and will be used for good if we trust him. As we walk in faith, he guides our steps and makes sure that when we look back we will always see how he turned negatives into positives. Do not think all disappointments, delays and detours are necessarily bad. They may well bring about the best things in your life.

Read Romans 8:28.

He will meet your needs

We all have needs. There are some who are able to comfortably meet them while others find it difficult for one reason or other. And God steps in for the latter group. If you are doing all you can but still struggle to get what you need then you’ve got to let God intervene. He has a way of opening doors that seem shut and sealed. What you need was already provided before hand, but to find it takes faith and reliance on God. True, it can be challenging to have faith when the needs are pressing but if your options are limited then why not consider it? Pray and ask for wisdom and he will lead you to the provision.

Read Philippians 4:19 and Mathew 6:33.

He will give you peace

“My peace I give to you not as the world gives, let not your heart be troubled.” So why did Jesus say let not your heart be troubled? It tells me there is a choice. It is possible to either let your heart be troubled or NOT let your heart be troubled. Think about it, God cannot ask you to do something that is not in your ability. His peace does not necessarily make the circumstances change, it makes us stable in spite of whatever we are experiencing. It only comes though when we stop trying to resolve matters that are out of our hands and entrust them to him. Two things will happen then, you will be at rest and he will solve your problem for you—with patience!

Read John 14:27 and Mathew 11:28.

He will forgive you when you fail

God’s grace has got you covered. Like one walking on a tight rope high up across mountains, you do not have to worry because he has the wide net of grace below. In case you fall (and we all do) you will land on his cushioning mercy and get a chance to go again. There are no limits to this mercy; it will be there for you day after day for the rest of your life.

Read 1 John 1:9.

He will always be with you

I saved the best for last. Of all the promises of God this is one that can always give you reason to be happy. It embodies all the other promises because when you have God with you, all the rest of his wonderful attributes are with you as well. The God who counts everything as easy, who loves us and for whom nothing is impossible gave his word that he would never (not for a second) leave us or abandon us. Remember the prevalence of trouble does not equate to the absence of God.

Read Hebrews 13:5 and Isaiah 43:2.