Gracious Words Are Like A Honeycomb

Honey At the time in which this proverb was written, people ate honey directly from the comb. Honey is sweet and pleasant to the taste but did you know it is a proven immune booster as well? Studies have shown it contains disease-fighting antioxidants. Added to that it is very nutritious and energy giving. In short, honey is good for the health of the body.

The proverb likens the effects of honey to gracious words. These would be words of encouragement, appreciation, comfort or anything positive. Just like honey these words reach the soul and feel good. We all know how kind words feel especially when we need them. But they don’t stop there; they bring physical health to our bodies.

It is no secret that consistent verbal abuse can have an effect on one’s health; there are too many studies to prove that. In fact so many of the problems we have today would be eliminated if people were simply kinder to each other. But what do you do when there’s no one to speak gracious words into your life?

You listen to God’s gracious words. There is a host of ‘sweet tasting’ words in the Bible. Read them and believe what God says about you. Do not be defined by what someone else may have said. The Word is the ultimate truth. On the other hand you can also make it a point to say gracious things to people whenever the need arises. Remember that the good you sow you shall reap—but do it with a genuine heart.