The Blessing Of The Lord Makes One Rich, And He Adds No Sorrow With It

From Proverbs 10:22.

If God were to give you a gift, what aspects would it have? Or how can we know that something really comes from Him? The answer is in this proverb. The blessings that come from God have a certain completeness about them and always bring us peace with contentment. Not that everything in life will go perfectly well but if we look back after a while we will say, that has been good for me.


Ladies, have you ever bought an outfit, jewelry, or household item that you were excited about but a few days later regretted getting? And gentlemen, ever got a car, electronic device or even property that made you rue the day you acquired it? We have all had similar experiences and if we are honest we would admit that we probably did not consult God prior to getting whatever it was that brought us frustration.

Solomon, the author of this proverb experienced God’s blessing in every aspect of life. He was wise, had good health, was wealthy and lived in peace (free from war) throughout his reign. Isn’t that what we would all want?

Well if we read more about Solomon we discover that in spite of having it all he became miserable. This begs the question: Are God’s blessings permanently fulfilling no matter what? The simple answer is no.

We ourselves can add sorrow to what God has given us–if we cease from following His guidance. In the latter years of his life, Solomon was no longer faithful to the Lord and experienced a lack of peace and sense of emptiness. Everything God had given him seemed worthless and brought him no joy.

Likewise, if we lose sight of God then His (material) blessings will start to feel hollow. And believe it or not that is a good thing. Because it will lead us back to Him, as we seek the contentment we had.

The blessing of God makes us rich beyond the material. So if you’ve prayed to be blessed, be sure whatever you asked for will not bring you sorrow. And when you do receive do not lose sight of the Lord.

6 thoughts on “The Blessing Of The Lord Makes One Rich, And He Adds No Sorrow With It”

  1. My thoughts are the blessing of God adds no sorrow, when I won’t worship the blessing than him who blesses me.

    • True, when we fix our eyes on the blessing we lose sight of God. We should love Him not the blessing. It is so easy to forget about what is important when we get what we prayed for. Thanks for taking time to comment.

      • I truly believe God blessed us with our business. He literally caused the giant of opposition to grant us the license and property we wanted. There are the usual continued business obstacles but, it has become a struggle to keep it going. I asked the Lord if he put it in our hands, we would open the halfway house we were called to open. However, what we receive is not even enough to pay our obligations. I trust God, but the constant struggle 😪 makes me feel we should throw in the towel.

        • Thanks for your comment Nicole, and sorry to hear about the prolonged struggle you’ve experienced. Before we get to the fullness of God’s blessing (especially financial) we usually go through seasons of provision. At these times we tend to have just enough and nothing more. If God gave you the business, and he put the halfway house on your heart then don’t worry, he will come through for you. So many people who’ve gone on to do great things for God went through trying seasons as well. I’ve had people say to me, I was on the brink of giving up but shortly after something amazing changed everything. Do not interpret your struggle as God saying you’re on the wrong path. Also remember that He always has appointed times. Lastly make sure you’re using principles from the Word to run your business. Kindly take a look a this. Finally, I’ll say a prayer for you and you can always reach us, if you have more to say. Blessings

  2. Hi I have come to a place now in my life at 56 years of age. I gave my life to God at 6 years old, I love God very much however I regrettably made shameful mistakes in my life, I lost my family, business, I have no income and can’t support my children or see them without finances. I have repented 5 years ago but it’s a difficult struggle. My desire is to bless the people around me and in the nations, by God’s grace to be successful. I can’t do anything without the blessing of God. To be very honest it’s been 30 years of ups and downs, more downs. I have drawn the line in the sand, it ends today respectively. The blessing will get my family back a job. Could you just encourage me please.

    • Dion, first of all sorry for what you’ve been through, it couldn’t have been and I am sure still isn’t easy. I love your honesty and so does God. You do not make excuses and acknowledge your role in the problems you’ve faced. You repented and be sure, that God no longer knows about whatever mistkes you made. His forgiveness is a perfect one that puts our sins away forever. “I will remember their sins no more” (Hebrews 8:12). I emphasize this because it is easy for us to feel like suffering is God’s way of making us atone for our past sins. Which is not the case. The blood of Christ was enough.

      God accepted your repentance and you’re entitled to His best. However, this should not necessarily mean He puts everything back together as quickly as we would like. In your case there is family involved – that means human beings. These are the kind of things that need time and the Lord knows that. Furthermore, after repentance, there’s always new work the Lord does in us. Does he know it is hard for you? Of course, does He have a plan – certainly. And it was there before you were 6 years old – even before you were born. You say you have no income currently, that is something you can beieve for in the shortrun. Your intentions tell me your priorities are good, therefore if you can remain in faith, you’ll see change. I am praying for you. Please when God does answer, and you’re more comfortable, keep your word (bless your family and people) and stay close to Him. God bless you.


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