The Generous Soul Will Be Made Rich, And He Who Waters Will Also Be Watered Himself

From Proverbs 11:25.

Anyone interested in receiving more of anything should consider this proverb. It tells us generous people will be made rich. Let us start with those two key words generous and rich. Most likely, when you first read the title, you skimmed over these words believing you already knew what they meant. But let us ponder each for a moment. Generous:  Willing to give, especially more than is usual or expected. Rich: Having a lot of what is valuable.

So to be called generous we have to willingly give much more than what people expect. Then we shall be made rich in whatever we give. The proverb does not limit riches to money. So we can consider anything we want more of and be generous with it.

What is it that you want? Feeling a bit lonely? Show more love, care and concern for others. Can’t find someone to help you? Help those whom you are able to help. Whatever you need, give more of it consistently and it will come back to you. “Give and it will be given to you”, Jesus says in Luke 6:38.

Receiving gift
It is no coincidence that the most successful people tend to give the most. Think about it, the best athlete gives his all when competing, the best musician goes the extra mile for their audience, and the best employee goes far beyond what the boss asks of him. Because they give so much, they are rewarded according to their giving. Yes, they are made rich as the proverb says.

So how exactly do we receive from what we give? We can take a simple example of a lunch invitation. You call a friend and invite them to your home for a meal. You prepare an elaborate lunch: five-course to be precise. Afterward you send them home with a gift. It would have cost you a lot and the friend will probably be surprised, but they will be very appreciative. The next time they have an opportunity to do good for you, they will consider all the trouble you went through when you invited them to lunch. They will give you “good measure” (Luke 6:38) for your generosity. Yes generosity will cost us, but God rewards us.

However, this proverb has two parts and we have only talked about one. So straight to the other:  He who waters will also be watered. There is use of the analogy of watering which is often associated with plants. We all know that most plants do not grow overnight; they need time and regular amounts of water. Likewise, whatever good we do for others should be consistent and over time.

The athlete cannot expect to train once and excel, nor does the employee give three good days and expect to be noticed by his employer. Whatever we give needs to be consistent and that is when we will reap abundantly from what we have sown.

So give lavishly and you will receive abundantly, maybe not instantly but eventually.

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