Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be Also

From Matthew 6:21.

We all have treasures, but what impact can they have on our lives and why is it so important we are mindful of what becomes valuable to us?

In the first place we should know how varying these treasures can be.

Treasure could be money, physical assets or valuables. We can treasure a person, hobby, memory, sport, a place and many other things.

We can therefore say, your treasure is what is valuable to you. Think about what you can call valuable (both material & immaterial). That is your treasure. Now let’s look at the heart. The heart is symbolic of love or affection. Your fondness for or liking towards someone/something.

If we put the two together we can say what you consider valuable (your treasure) is what will get your love and attention.

What was Jesus trying to teach us here? He was asking us to be mindful of the things we allow to become our treasure. Because you see, whatever it is that becomes valuable to us will not only have our affection but also our time, energy and attention.

Jesus also says (in the same passage) we should lay up our treasures in heaven. By this he means we should value what God values. That is spending adequate time doing the things that are important to Him. The first thought you get here is that you will miss out on a lot of fun things, but the truth is that if we give God our time, we get so much benefit out of it.

So what is important to God? There are only two basic things: taking in His Word and living the life that He expects of us. We have time to read the Bible and be ministered to, then walk out what we’ve received in daily life. For instance we should walk in love, forgive, trust God for what we need, give to others when we can, be patient, stay away from sin and repent when we do sin. Then we will have real joy, experience the peace of God, and get answers to our prayers. So, think about the things that occupy you at the expense of your time with God.

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